Audio Archives

When Ted spoke in different venues across the decades, he developed the habit of recording himself as a means of self improvement. Though many of his recordings were of poor technical quality, after several years, Elizabeth Gemmel was able to edit and create mp3 files of good quality–though some will be better than others. Thank you, also, to Janice Cannell for the many hours of listening and preparing the transcripts. Each transcript is available for download (click the blue button).

The 1970’s

TITLE Transcript
A Christian Perspective on Kohlberg 1970

Overseas Service 1970

The Finest Sort of Educational Environment 1971

A Christian Response to Missions-Barnabas 1973

The Church That Cares 1973

Methodology of Missions 1974

Description of Nonformal Education Project at MSU 1977

The Church as a Learning Community 1977

The Family as a Setting for Learning 1977

Individualism vs Community in Community Development 1978

Integrated Development Planning 1978

Involvement or Interference-How to Relate to a Needy World 1978

Participation-The Key to Development Strategies-Part 1 1978

Participation-The Key to Development Strategies-Part 2 1978

Servants Leaders & Tyrants 1978

The Only Alternative to Revolution 1978

The Problem of a Changing Society 1978

The Stance of a Creational Developmentalist 1978

Theological Education by Extension 1978

The Impossible Dream 1978

The Case for Theological Graduate Schools Reform of Theological Education 1979

The Valid Purposes of Theological Education 1979

To Serve the Church-Reform of Theological Education 1979

The 1980’s

TITLE Transcript
Using Human Learning Principles in Preaching & Teaching 1980

 What Does the Moral Development Research Suggest 1980

 A Pattern for Training Facilitators 1980

A Christian View of Development as Participation 1980

 Church and Family-Partners or Paradox 1980

 Humane & Godly Relationships as the Goal of Development 1980

 Ministering for Maturity 1980

 Needs, Nehemiah and Nonsense 1980

 Nehemiah and Development 1980

 The Ecology of Spiritual Development 1980

 Moral Messages 1981

 A Developmentalist Looks at Christian Education 1981

Evaluation in Nonformal Education 1981

The Ecology of Spiritual Development 1981

Agenda for Christian Education 1982

Biblical Metaphors of Purpose 1982

Evaluating Metaphors of Education 1982

Botanical Metaphors of Development 1982

Metaphors of the Church in Troubled Times 1982

The Choice Between Service and Power 1982

The Church in the Intermediate Future 1982

The Learning Community and the Christian 1982

The Color of What We Know 1983

Facing the Crisis of Human Need 1983

Intercultural Skills 1984

Worldwide Citizenship 1984

Three Facets of a Whole Education 1984

Influence of Christian Higher Education 1985

Priorities for Research 1985

Sources of Knowledge 1985

Flounders, Fleas, and Kingfishers 1986

Heritage, Happenings, and Hope 1987

Agenda for the Future of Christian Education-Part 1 1988

Agenda for the Future of Christian Education-Part 2 1988

Education and the Great Commission 1988

Getting Serious About Christian Education 1988

Lines People Draw 1988

Long Term Values of Short Term Missions 1988

Professional is a Good Word 1988

Formal & Nonformal-Conflicting, Complementary, Consequential 1989

The 1990’s

TITLE Transcript
 A Call for ‘Perestroika’ in Church and Missions 1990

An Assessment of Contemporary Missions Strategy 1990

Biblical Mandate for Education 1990

Educating Toward Biblical Criteria for Leadership 1990

Teaching as Jesus Taught 1990 (8 sec delay)

Three Basic Functions of Education 1990

The Finest Sort of Educational Environments-Attuned to the Times 1992

Integrity of Method & Objective-Part 1 1994

Integrity of Method & Objective-Part 2 1994

Counting the Tough Steps Toward Multicultural Education 1995

Rodney King’s Question-Do We Have an Answer 1995

Serving the Unchanging God at a Hinge Point of History 1996

 The Seduction of Authority 1996

 A Mission to Fulfill-The Future 1997

 The Multiethnic Church 1997

 The Way We Might Go 1998